Our Story

Amy Benton PR provides mission driven public relations services for businesses and organizations in need of launching, refreshing, renewing, refining, and re-branding. Whether you are a start-up hoping to gain foothold or an established entity eager to reinvent, Amy Benton PR can help you define and expand your market by designing platforms, events, and market strategies creatively invented to resonate with your target audience.

Amy Benton PR works in collaboration with its partners, using up-to-the-minute media and technology techniques to optimize exposure in today’s multi-device, multi-channel, social media culture. At the same time, Amy Benton PR does business with a commitment to the classic, core values the Amy Benton brand has represented for more than three decades: Honesty, Reliability, Integrity, Excellence, and Delivering on Promises. Dedicated to the nurturing of long-term, client relationships, Amy Benton PR begins each partnership by;

  1. Connecting with the living, breathing people who make up your organization to;
  2. Determine with you who the client is you wish to reach with your brand, define your key goals and messages,
    and then;
  3. Develop concrete campaigns with measurable results.

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