Challenge Opportunity: Increase awareness of issues involving vulnerable youth in Frederick County and create funding.

Solution Reward: Out on a walk with two of her closest friends, Amy Benton was enjoying the scenery on the journey of her walk and her life, here in her chosen community. Her desire to pay it forward and share her gratitude was made manifest through creation of The Cupcake Run, a 5K event designed not just for runners, but for walkers, for sightseers, for those looking to celebrate and share the bounty and beauty of this community, to experience the journey as part of something bigger than themselves, giving back in the process.

Amy Benton and Amy Benton PR don’t just talk the talk of commitment to community, they walk (and even run) the walk, wedding it with creativity and giving back through her creation and continued support and sponsoring of The Cupcake Run. Amy and a cavalcade of great volunteers and organizations have come together for seven years now, working and playing to raise funds for at risk youth in need to the tune of over $20,000

Amy Benton PR will be celebrating the seventh annual Cupcake Run in 2016. Check for the exact date.